Are we too late to join the party?

20 December 2012


Ahem, always fashionably late. That's us all over. So dear readers we have a choice to make, should JPMQ awake from almost four years of slumber and come back? Providing (much improved) quality John Paul squishy goodness. "JP"... "JP".... ahh it's all coming back now.

This is our shortest blog post ever. We really don't know if we should return! If we do its going to be with a new website and after a few spelling error checks *cringe*. If you want a chance to experience everything all over again you will need to email us - at and quickly, John Paul is already back! We will have lots to write if you want us.






JPMQ is back! Is John Paul Returning too?

March 3rd 2011


We closed down for a week in Early March 2011, we wanted to raise £60 for hosting the site for another year... although we got half way there! (yay) we all agreed to call it a day and refund the VERY KIND DONATIONS (THANK YOU AGAIN!). We (as in myself, and the other two main creators) missed JPMQ :-( but that's the thing with loss... anyway we got a few emails and they were very touching... As a straight girl its hard to properly "relate" to the impact John Paul had on on so many gay men (and girls), his story was as much his as it is of the gay people of Britain (and beyond). So we did a bit of learning. To get smart. About Stuff to do with DNS servers and the like. And Whoa! JPMQ was brought back from the brink. With a few "scars" to show for it -

* We now have to display "adverts". Yucky. But we chose proper legit adverts, with no spyware or annoying pop ups. You should just see a banner along the very footer of each page and that's it...

* Blogger changed its "publishing" format a year or so ago, hence the lack of any blogs recently and as such our entire history of wondrous postings have been erased. We can do it manually in future however so all is not lost.

* Downtime may be more frequent but we might get lucky. Watch this space (if you can).

* No more "shoutbox" (for a while at least) it wasn't getting much use so we don't feel too bad!

* Finally, we are trying to fix the site up and settle in, so expect some horrid teething problems. Really sorry about this! If you come back in a few weeks and they are still around could you send us a quick email at and let us know. It might be a case of not spotting it ourselves!




So is James Sutton returning to Hollyoaks? (or should that be: So is John Paul Mcqueen returning to Chester?) Now his time in Emmerdale is coming to an end?


James can answer this for us:

Is there any chance of John Paul returning in the future?
"Never say never".
(Will just have to watch this space wont you!)




- Steads (with input from ????? x5 and Knuxs) March 3rd 2011



























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